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Group Classes

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is defined as short, intense, unsustainable bursts of physical activity, paired with intervals of quick rests.  This type of intense training causes a sort of metabolic disturbance which can result in the body burning calories at a higher rate up to 48-72 hours later. HIIT can also increase metabolism, reduce insulin resistance, improve cardiac function, produce faster gains in endurance levels than steady state cardio training.

Core HIIT Ride (Ride, Hill, or Mountain)

Sycle & Strength | 60 min

A HIIT and Sycle fusion to combine the benefits of riding and strength in one. CHR begins with 10 minutes dedicated to your core and abs, followed by a 20-minute HIIT session.

Super Sweat

Strength | 60 min

Expect a class full of high-intensity jumping and sweating. A combination of cardio and strength with bursts of explosive lunges and burpees. This class is for the trained and intensive warrior who isn’t afraid to sweat.

TRX Full Body

Strength | 60 min

This energizing session combines TRX workouts with short bursts of cardio.  A suspension training class that uses body weight to develop strength, balance, and core stability simultaneously.

Tabata Sweat

Strength | 60 min

An advanced high-intensity workout that focuses on exercises that consist of eight rounds of 20 seconds-on, 10 seconds-off interval training.

Functional Training

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises emphasize core stability. Functional training gives your whole body a workout and builds muscles that you use in your everyday life. It differs from Crossfit® in that most of the time during functional training you won’t even use equipment or weights.

Sweat N’ Sculpt

Strength | 60 min

A low-intensity workout that hits the deep muscles that you never knew existed. A combination of resistance bands and medicine balls are used during your session for slow deep movement workouts. Don’t expect much cardio in this class but do expect some serious muscle burn.

Sweat & Strength

Strength | 60 min

An athletic, functional training workout for the advanced disciple. Your trainer will push you through rigorous workouts using weights and cardio to increase your strength and stamina. Expect burpees and core building exercises that will unleash the power in you!

Ladies Only Classes

Sweat  offers exclusive Ladies Only classes for women to have a comfortable place to workout in an all-female environment. Unwind in a yoga class, shake your hips to Zumba, get expert help from a Personal Trainer, meet friends and have an energetic freestyle workout – there is something for everyone and every mood!

Ladies Sycle 45  (Ride, Hill, or Mountain)

Sycle, Strength, & Soul | 45 min

A ladies-only cycling workout for beginners to the well advanced. A 45-minute workout for girls who just want to have fun on the bike.

Bikini Body

Strength | 60 min

A ladies-only workout that focuses on cardio, strength, and body weights to help you get into that sexy bikini or dress. This challenging class targets your legs, booty, thighs, and abs.


Strength & Soul | 60 min

This challenging and booty shaking workout focus on your glutes to bring out your inner goddess – the graceful, sexy confident you that has always begged to surface!g for everyone and every mood!

Barre Sweat 

Strength & Soul | 60 min

Indoor Sycling

Cycling blends high-octane power and pace, designed to inspire and motivate your soul for a full body workout burning up to 1000 calories per session. Lose yourself as you push through the climb, saddle up in the sprint and move to the beat of expertly curated playlists. Dig deep and embrace that post-class high.

Sycle 45 (Ride, Hill, or Mountain)

Sycle, Strength, & Soul | 45 min

An indoor sweat-drenching ride choreographed by our trained cyclists in a dark candle-lit room taking you on a musical and spiritual journey as you sweat and cycle away; no judgements or competition in this ride, it’s just you and the bike. Sycle will take you on a journey of intervals, hills and fast-paced rides. Ride at your own pace or push your inner beast to awaken your mind, body and soul.

Core HIIT Ride (CHR) 

Sycle & Strength | 60 min

A HIIT and Sycle fusion to combine the benefits of riding and strength in one. CHR begins with 10 minutes dedicated to your core and abs, followed by a 20-minute HIIT session.


With the chaos of our daily lives, it is always recommended to connect to one’s mind to unclutter our thoughts and emotions. At Sweat, we offer many different experiences in this space from Meditation & Mindfulness, Yoga, Holistic Coaching and Nutritional Workshops aimed to push your inner soul to limitless places.


Soul | 60 min

We offer various forms of traditional and modern yoga sessions based on the instructor’s experience. Sessions may be Hatha, Vinyasa, Power or Kundalini.

Holistic Coaching

Beauty begins from the inside-out, therefore our team is here to guide and support you in reaching your personal goals by assisting you in individualized healthy meal and fitness programs customized by Nolu’s Restaurants and Sweat UAE. We know how difficult it can be trying to shed those extra pounds or just getting to live life in a healthier way. Our qualified nutritionist can assist in making your health and wellness goals closer than you imagined.

Introduction to Health Customized sessions with our coaches to assess your eating habits and personal weight goals. A basic understanding of how we can help you get to where you need to be. A personalized program of eating and working out regimens made specifically between you and your coach.

Nutritional Coaching This program includes sessions to make sure you are staying on your path of your goal. We will assess your eating habits and find ways to change your unhealthy habits. Our nutritionist will create goals that will be reviewed every week with detailed directions along the way.


The term calisthenics comes from the Greek words “Kalos” meaning beauty and “Stenos” which translates as strength. Calisthenics shares a lot in common with gymnastics; however unlike gymnastics, it can be practiced outdoors and is known as a ‘street workout’. It is a feasible and effective training solution to improve posture, strength and body composition without the use of any major training equipment, just the bar and your body weight.


Strength | 60 min

A workout like no other. Gymnastic exercises on the Sweat rooftop to achieve bodily fitness and graceful movements with your own body weight. A majority of the class is conducted on the bars.

Personal Training

Taking a haphazard approach to fitness will often yield poor or limited results. Unlike other basic day-to-day tasks, exercise requires a honed technique to achieve desired results. Our unique team of personal trainers can develop a workout routine, meal plan, and overall strategy for you to achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals.

Personal Training

A one-on-one training session by our qualified trainers. Classes can be purchased individually or in packages. An initial consultation will begin with InBody Analysis followed by an understanding of your fitness goals with your trainer. A plan will then be created to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Inbody Analysis

Body composition analysis is essential to completely understand health and weight as traditional methods of assessing health, such as BMI, can be misleading. Going beyond your weight, body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. InBody body composition analyzers break down your weight and display your body composition data on an organized, easy-to-understand Result Sheet.  The results help you understand where your fat, muscle, and body levels are at and act as a guide to help you achieve your goals: whether that is shedding a few unwanted pounds or a complete body transformation. 

Youth Fitness

Sweat will offer and coordinate classes for youths 12+ in designated groups. These classes will focus on stamina, using their own body weight and cardio in a fun-filled environment. A great class for the mini athlete who needs to gain some strength or the little munchkin who needs to shed some baby fat.

Sweaty Ninja

Strength | 45 min

Youth Dance

Strength | 45 min

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