to make you Sweat!

Group Classes

Super Sweat

A 60 minute sweat drenching class with cardio bursts coupled with strength and interval training.

Sweat n Stretch

A must do 30 min stretching class where the Sweat Team makes sure you achieve a comfortable muscle tone. You’ll  achieve increased muscle control, flexibility and range of motion.

Sweat n Shape

A 60 minute low intensity strength training and stretching class.  Workouts are in a calm and controlled pace using bands and free weights.


Our bootylicious program will help you get what you’ve always wanted — a bigger, lifted, rounder , toned and perfect peach-shaped booty. This 45min class will attack all gluteal muscles along with your legs. Less cardio, more lifting using your bodyweight. 

Bikini Body

A 60-minute high intensity class focusing on your upper and lower body to get you ready for that bikini.

Sweat Combo

This class represents what Sweat is all about. It is an all in one, perfect blend of the best of our workout classes with one goal in mind – to make you Sweat. This class brings amazing  energy, so come and discover the secret of Sweat.

Power Fit KickBox (Ladies only)

A HIIT Boxing class for ladies only session.


A HIIT boxing and cardio workout focusing on your core strength.


A HIIT Kickboxing workout with pads, obstacles, weights and resistance.


A 60-minute circuit training focusing on strength, power and endurance.


A 30-minute intense class focusing on your abs.

Sweat N Dance

A 60 minute class dancing to modern beats inspired from hip-hop and latin moves.


Sycle with Sanja

A 45-minute high energy fat burning, cardio training class which focuses primarily on flat sprints.

Sycle with Tamara

A 45-minute interval training, heart pumping ride with climbs, sprints and hills.

Sycle with Nebs

A 45-minute sweat drenching mountainous climb for the experienced rider.

30-Minute Ride

An express ride of short climbs and intervals for those who have limited time.


Hatha Yoga

A gentle, slow and great for beginners 60 minute class for those who prefer a more relaxed style where you hold poses longer and focus a lot on your breathing.


A class that focuses on breathing skills and clearing  your mind to find your center.

Tabata Yoga

Tabata is a style of workout where you do an exercise for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for a short duration of time. It’s killer! In this case, we do Tabata with yoga moves!


Sweat and Strength

Basic bodyweight training with resistance bands and TRX .


Bodyweight training with basic acrobatic and calisthenics elements. Working on balance, flexibility and strength.

Open Rooftop

Freestyle by yourself , instructor is there just in case of need.

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